Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my drive/patio look like new again?

Yes, it will look like new again if not better and stay looking good.

How long will the sealer/resin last?

The resin has been designed to last for years, however we can apply a maintenance coat at a fraction of the original cost.

Is all work guaranteed?

Yes, you will receive a full guarantee on the workmanship and product.

Will any more weeds grow?

We provide you with very low maintenance paving and our products will inhibit weed algae and moss growth.

Do I still have to clean my paving?

Yes, but just a light rinse with a hose will be sufficient and any stains will be easily removed with a soft broom and a mild detergent. We recommend doing this approximately once every 8 weeks. You will not have to use a power washer again as this will damage your paving.

What are the main advantages of having Resto ® resin/sealer applied to my Block Paving?

A sealed surface will protect against UV damage, oil and water damage, resists frost damage, stabilises sand, helps protect sand sub base against erosion, inhibits weed growth and resist moss & algae invasion.

Will my plants be safe during the restoration work?

Yes, we ensure extreme care is taken with the surrounding areas.

Will the resin/sealer turn yellow or peel/flake in time?

No our resin/sealers are manufactured to the highest standards and as a result will never turn yellow or peel from sound surfaces.

How much does the professional service cost?

Before we can provide a quote we need to know the area or the driveway, type of surface, condition, etc. Please fill out the web form or freephone 0800 6952470 and we will provide a written quotation.

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as cheque and cash.

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